SmartStubs is the most cost-effective, custom fit and scalable solution available, accommodating large and small businesses with ease. We have the features you need to run your business on your terms.
Intuitive Sales Portal

Simple to use, fast and secure, our sales portal will empower your sales agents.

  • Sell by cash, credit or voucher
  • Process credit cards in real time
  • Collect multiple payments per order
  • Select products simply by date and category
  • Collect only the information necessary to complete the sale
  • Receive up-to-the-second stats on what is sold
  • Sell Multi-Use passes (Ticket Books)
Customizable Product Line

Start selling your products immediately in real-time.

  • Specify the availability, pricing and quantity per product
  • Share capacity between products
  • Track quantity between stops
  • Create combination products
  • Organize products into recognizable categories
  • Use the simple Product Creation Wizard to define sellable items
  • Customized order fields so you collect only the information you need
Dynamic Reporting Engine

The report you want, when you want it, with the information you need

  • Select the required data for a report and create it on the fly
  • Drill down to specific order details from any report
  • Save your favorite reports for later viewing
  • Schedule your favorite reports for delivery via email
  • Sort, group and organize data using our intuitive interface
  • Easily reconcile orders and payments to what you have collected
Real-time Inventory Tracking

Know what sold and what remains

  • See who’s checked in and the remaining availability
  • Take advantage of email alerts when product capacity is nearing its limit
  • Add additional capacity instantly
  • Scan customers when they exit to record off-load location
  • Easily track quantity sold per day to more efficiently manage your resources.
Automated Dispatch

Make the who-when-where of pickups easy

  • Easily build a visual dispatch sheet for drivers
  • Track as many or as few details as necessary
  • Provide drives with notes about specific passenger needs
  • Deliver group pick-up and drop-off points by location, minimizing stops
  • Build custom pickup zones for various sections of a city
Flexible Commission Framework

Track commissions and referral fees for all sales in the system

  • Simple or complex, whatever your payment structure, we can track it
  • Specify unlimited unique combinations based on the salesperson, sale date, sale location.
  • Set up special incentives for certain products, dates, or people to drive sales
  • Make changes on the fly to see how they will affect your payouts
  • Generate commission reports for individual sales personnel, dramatically simplifying commission payment processes
Configurable User Security

Be in control of your data

  • Create an unlimited number of users
  • Use security roles to simplify granting user access
  • With our SSL protected portal you will be confident that your business’ data is safe and secure
  • Restrict users to see only the data you want them to see.
  • Allow users to sell only the products you want them to sell
Help & Learning Center

Be empowered with easy access to expertise

  • Get help when you need it to keep your operation running
  • Watch step-by-step videos on how to use the product
  • Call our live Support Center to speak in real-time with people who are ready to help
  •  Visit the comprehensive Help Center inside the application to access hundreds of help articles

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